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Astrimmune have developed Cellexia specifically to aid capture of single cells for further analysis in cancer, medical and biotechnology research.

Cellexia is a unique tool for research, breaking down into an open format, perfect for further analysis of captured cells.

Cellexia lends itself to both solid and liquid phase reactions, including in situ hybridisation and single cell PCR, where reagents can be applied and removed with immediate wash steps, in its integrated configuration. Additionally, the ability to generate cell lysates in small volumes from the compartmentalised filter membrane can have numerous applications, including the molecular profiling of circulating tumour cells by PCR or single cell genomics.

CTC Filter
CTC Filter


Astrimmune is committed to developing products to aid in the isolation, detection, identification and characterisation of single cells, especially cancer cells, using minimally invasive techniques.

Our scientists have developed Cellexia as part of the study into biomarkers for a number of cancers of unmet need including pancreatic cancer.

In addition we are also developing fluid flow cell imaging in order to detect unique cells from liquid biopsy samples.

We are currently developing a novel system for low cost, non-invasive, monitoring of bladder cancer in previously diagnosed patients, with the aim of avoiding the regular, intrusive cystoscopy currently required for routine monitoring.

CTC Filter

Ovarian cancer cells expressing  Histone H2B GFP on Cellexia 6 µm filter imaged by confocal microscopy.  © 2017 The University of Sheffield.  Images courtesy of Dr. Darren Robinson, Wolfson Light Microscopy Facility, University of Sheffield.