Cellexia Filter

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Cellexia is specifically designed to capture cells for further analysis. It has a number of unique features:

  • Microlitre dead-volume to minimize sample loss.

  • Easy scalability of sample numbers via compatibility with manifold suction equipment.

  • Open configuration option enabling fast, efficient workflow.

  • Demountable structure, for flexibility of sample process requirement.

  • Torsion-free clip-fit mechanism for easy retrieval of complete filter or specific lysates.

  • Substantially greater open pore area avoids blockage compared with comparable filters.

Additional information

Pack Size

Pack Size – 1, Pack Size – 3, Pack Size – 10

Filter Pore Size

Filter Pore Size – 6 µm, Filter Pore Size – 7 µm, Filter Pore Size – 8 µm

Pore Size Choice

Guidance on Pore Size Choice
6 µm – Best retention of circulating tumour cells, recovery of more white blood cells as background if filtering blood
8 µm – Good retention of larger sizes of circulating tumour cells and cell aggregates, low background from white blood cells if filtering blood
7 µm – Good compromise of the above for general use

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